The owners of a properly selected bed are provided with healthy sleep and a good night’s rest. But to choose the right bed and in the future experience only positive emotions from the purchase, you need to know the features, types, and characteristics of this furniture.

Bed frame Los Angeles: design and materials

The bed is bought for a long time, therefore, the durability of the design is an important criterion for its choice. The service life depends on the features of the frame, which can be of two types:

  1. A pair of supporting backs is connected by two longitudinal legs;
  2. The four kings from the perimeter, which is mounted on their feet. It can be supplemented with two or one folding back.

Choose a comfortable bed

Metal frames are the most common and reliable foundation design for mattresses. Spring lamellas lie on a frame that provides rigidity and durability of a design. The frame itself can be fixed both on the wooden case of the bed and on special metal legs that carry the entire load from the mattress and the people lying on it to the floor.


The metal frame allows you to maximize the orthopedic potential of elastic lamellas and mattresses, providing safety and reliable support.

The advantages of a metal frame:

  • force;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • uniform weight distribution;
  • transfer of main pressure from the bed to the floor in the presence of legs;
  • reliability.

Rack-and-pin bases made of metal are considered the most durable. Their service life depends only on how carefully they are operated. The standard manufacturer’s warranty for this type of frame is one and a half years.

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