Outdoor furniture is an excellent variant of furniture for a summer cafe, restaurant, and veranda

The company offers to purchase professional furniture models for street and summer cafes, restaurants. All furniture in this section is contracted. That is, it is designed with a focus on intensive long-term operation.

The most important characteristics of outdoor furniture are:

  • moisture resistance – the weather outside is unpredictable, and after a shower, everything should continue to serve properly;
  • durability – furniture for the street is experiencing heavy loads due to the popularity of leisure of citizens in the open air;
  • lightness – often furniture for summer areas at night is taken directly to the institution. And the staff should easily and quickly cope with this task.

Our catalog contains high-quality and inexpensive furniture made of shockproof and moisture resistant materials, designed specifically for outdoor areas. Tables, chairs, armchairs, and benches, as well as ready-made sets, are perfect for decorating open summer verandas at cafes and restaurants. Our furniture, light and functional, will appeal to everyone who is in search of a combination of quality, convenience, and excellent appearance.