Accessories attract the eye and inspire, add bright color accents or light mystery. Lamps, carpets, pillows, vases and much more – sometimes even small decorative elements completely transform the interior.

You can buy a street fireplace from us for giving or a country house. The online catalog contains practical products of various shapes and sizes: compact and ergonomic models (campfire bowls, portable fireplaces), which are made of high-strength cast aluminum and act as a “visiting card” for the garden. It is desirable to install table fireplaces on a concrete pillow, they are equipped with a wide countertop and have an electronic piezo ignition.

On our website, a fireplace for the street can be bought at an affordable price. Portable models are inexpensive and take up little space, so you can take them with you on a picnic or on a hike.

At home, there are always small parts requiring storage space. With our functional accessories, everything will be in place. In other words, everything to decorate your home.

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