The couch has come to us since ancient times and rightfully refers to objects of the aristocratic interior.

Sofas – small single sofas with a headboard – are distinguished by their sophisticated appearance and easily fit into the interior of any room, available in a classic and modern design.

Our catalog contains 151 names of couches. Most models are available in several variations of sizes, materials, and colors.

The sofa in the bedroom

The couch is known from ancient Greece. Noble citizens attached great importance to him and used him only for sitting. Modern models often perform the function of a berth.

There are several reasons to buy a daybed youth:

  • On a charming daybed, it is very comfortable to relax after dinner. It is not necessary to spread and then make a bed in such a berth.
  • Dimensions of furniture allow you to place it in bedrooms of any size.
  • In large boudoirs, a luxurious couch goes well with a bed in the same style.
  • If you supplement the product with decorative pillows, it may well become one of the most striking interior details.
  • The design of classic couches is always relevant, it never goes out of style.
  • Exquisite luxury for your bedrooms

The factory has created elegant premium furniture worthy even of royal bedrooms. All products of the company are distinguished by sophistication, the original shape of the back, quality and environmental friendliness of the materials.

As a rule, couches are made in noble shades of brown, beige, white. But if you want something more original, the shade and texture of the upholstery are convenient to choose in the catalog.

Classic models can be decorated with rhinestones or buttons.

Before buying such a Daybed youth, it is advisable to personally check its convenience. This is easy to do in one of our showrooms in Los Angeles. When placing an order online delivery is carried out in all cities and areas.

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